Overview 概述

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The Summer Academy will bring talented young performers of traditional Chinese instruments, ages 14–20, to the United States for 2½ weeks in August 2018 to rehearse and perform as the Bard Youth Chinese Orchestra (BYCO).

The BYCO will perform at Bard’s stunning Frank Gehry–designed Fisher Center for the Performing Arts and at Harvard University’s Sanders Theatre. Students will rehearse, study, and play on the beautiful Bard College campus, live in nearby dormitories alongside the historic Hudson River, and visit New York City, Harvard, and West Point Military Academy. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to study and perform Chinese music while being immersed in American culture and society.

巴德音乐学院夏季学校,即巴德青少年中乐团 (BYCO) 将在2018年8月在美国招收60名14-20岁,演奏中国传统乐器的青少年演奏员。为期两周半的的集训后, 中乐团将分别在弗兰克·盖里(Frank Gehry)设计的Richard B. Fisher 表演艺术中心,和哈佛大学 Sanders 剧院演出。学员们将在巴德美丽的校园排练,学习,并全部寄宿美国当地的友好家庭,体验地道的美国文化,浸泡式学习英语。 学员将参观国际大都市纽约和波士顿,并参观著名的西点军校和哈佛大学,感受名校氛围,树立远大理想。这将是一次多方位融入美国文化社会,学习表演中国音乐一生难忘的经历。

  • August 9–26, 2018 2018 年8月9日至26日

  • Performers age 14–20 14岁至20岁

  • Faculty from the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing 中央音乐学院著名教授执教

  • Private lessons, sectional rehearsals 个别课,声部排练

  • Bard Youth Chinese Orchestra 巴德青少年中乐团

  • Major concerts at Bard College and Harvard University 巴德学院和哈佛大学演出

  • Students live together in nearby dormitories 在附近学生宿舍居住

  • Day trips to New York City, Harvard, and West Point Military Academy 纽约一日游,西点军校参观

  • English classes, beginning and intermediate 初级与中级英文课