Curriculum  课程

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To add breadth to the orchestral experience, students will participate in a variety of classes and workshops.

  • The BYCO will be a full 60-person Chinese orchestra. Students will have daily orchestra rehearsals in preparation for two major public performances at Bard College and Harvard University. 巴德青少年中乐团是一支60人编制的正式中乐团。学员将在巴德和哈佛大学的两场大型演出。
  • Students will have regular sectional rehearsals and at least two private lessons with our distinguished faculty from the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing. 演奏员每天与来自中央音乐学院的著名教授指导声部排练,个别课和乐队排练。
  • Students will receive an hour of English language instruction daily. English classes will be offered at both beginning and intermediate levels. 演奏员也有每天一小时的英文课(初级/中级)学习
  • Students will participate in chamber music ensembles. 学生将会积极参加研习室内乐的演奏
  • During the evenings there will be additional workshops, classes, and talks about daily life and education in America.  晚上将安排教育讲座和各类音乐活动
  • Each student will receive an official Certificate of Completion for their participation in the Summer Academy. 每个学员将获得结业荣誉证书