Four centuries ago, the first Western musical instrument, a clavichord, was brought to China by an Italian missionary and presented to the emperor. This gift started the tradition of Western classical music performance in China, which has continued steadily: China is now becoming a classical music powerhouse. But the tradition was not reciprocated: Chinese music did not take root in the West. We at Bard hope to rectify this situation and support the development of Chinese music in the West. 




The mission of the US-China Music Institute of the Bard College Conservatory of Music is to promote the study, performance, and appreciation of music from contemporary China, and to support musical exchange between the United States and China. 研习院的使命是促进当代中国音乐的学习,表演和欣赏, 并支持推广美国与中国之间音乐与文化的交流。

In partnership with the Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing, China), the Institute has launched the Chinese Music Development Initiative, consisting of several components:  与中央音乐学院合作,共同创立了《中国音乐发展计划》:

  • A new undergraduate degree program in Chinese instruments at the Bard College Conservatory of Music, with faculty provided by the Central Conservatory of Music, starting in fall 2018. 2018年开始,首次在西方国家的音乐学院设立中国乐器表演学位项目,师资由中央音乐学院派遣。

  • An annual Chinese Music Festival focusing on music from contemporary China, to take place on the Bard campus and at a major New York City venue. 每年一度的中国音乐节,在巴德音乐学院与纽约举行,关注当代中国音乐的发展。

  • Seminars and scholarly conferences on Chinese music, art, and social development, held in both the United States and China. 开展以中国音乐,艺术社,会发展为主题的国际研讨会。

  • A Summer Academy on the Bard campus for high school–age students, featuring an orchestra of Chinese instruments. 每年一度的夏季学校,即巴德青少年中乐团。