APPLY 报名申请




Tuition, room, and board: $3,990  学费包括吃住行:3990美元

Activities fee: $300  活动费用:300 美元

Includes 费用包含以下

Tuition; housing and meals, August 9–27; local activities, including Hudson River cruise and dinner, and three weekend trips to NYC, Harvard, and West Point (inclusive of transportation and group meals).  8月9日至27日的学费,餐费,住宿和当地活动(西点军校,纽约市参观游览)费用。

Does not include 费用不包括

Airfare; transportation between airport and Bard College; incidentals; extra meals; outings not arranged by the Summer Academy. 往返中美的飞机票以及落地后往返巴德音乐学院的地面费用,集体活动以外的个人费用

For information about travel to Bard, visit our Getting Here page. 如何到达巴德音乐学院请参考

Application materials 申请报名所需材料

  • One teacher recommendation from your private instrument instructor. 一封来自专业老师的推荐信

  • A resume briefly summarizing your musical training and activities. 一份艺术简历

  • Video recordings of two pieces.  2个专业曲目的演奏视频

Deadlines 报名截止日期

  • Application deadline: May 31 报名截止日期2018年5月31日
  • Notification of acceptance: by June 7 录取通知发放时间:2018年6月7日
  • Decision to attend and tuition due: June 14 提交报名费:2018年6月14日