Day trips, performances and SPECIAL EVENTS

New York City

sunday, August 12th: A Day trip to New York City for sightseeing and shopping. 世界大都市纽约一日游

West Point

Sunday, august 19th: Hudson Valley day trip including a guided tour of the West Point Military Academy. 参观哈德逊河谷,西点军校。

The Fisher center at Bard, designed by Frank Ghery.

friday, august 24th: BYCO evening performance at the Fisher Center for the Performing Arts, Bard College. 在巴德音乐学院著名的理查德费舍尔剧院演出

Sanders Theatre at Harvard

saturday, august 25th: Day trip to Cambridge, Massachusetts, including an afternoon BYCO performance at the Sanders Theatre, Harvard University. 参观麻省的剑桥郡,并在哈佛大学演出

The Hudson River

sunday, august 26th: A Private dinner cruise on the Hudson River. 哈德逊河谷游轮晚宴