The Institute’s first annual China Now Music Festival will take place in the fall of 2018, presented on the Bard College campus and in New York City. 


china now music festival

Our fall 2018 festival will feature The Orchestra Now, conducted by Jindong Cai, along with performances by other ensembles, large and small, and preconcert lectures and panel discussions. The festival will pay special attention to the new generation of composers and performers in China, drawing on materials from throughout the world, including elements of theater and dance. More details to come. 2018年中国音乐节,蔡金冬教授将带领巴德音乐学院的纽约当代乐团,以及其他大中小型与来自中国的音乐家作曲家,展示含有当代中国舞蹈及戏剧的元素的多样作品。详情请跟进我们的更新。

Future festivals will continue to showcase the prominent role that China plays in the music of our time. 今后的中国音乐节,将继续在世界舞台上展示当代中国音乐新面貌。