zhou WANG


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A respected performer of the Shanxi zheng genre, Zhou Wang is a professor of guzheng at the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, and director of the conservatory's Chinese Music Department. She also serves as vice president of the China Guzheng Society.

Zhou Wang learned from her father Zhou Yanjia, a world-class musician in the Qin (Shanxi) zheng genre. She then studied with Maestros Zicheng Gao, Zheng Cao, Sihua Xiang, Xiuming Yang, Shange Fan, and Zhaoyuan Shi, combining north-south flavors and inheriting the true art of zheng playing from different genres. She joined the Central Song and Dance Troupe in 1977, and has been an active performer in China and abroad. She was invited by the National Record Association to record The Tune of Qin Mulberry, a classical masterpiece of the Shanxi genre.

As a musical ambassador and soloist, Zhou Wang has toured internationally on behalf of China's Ministry of Culture on many occasions. As a scholar of musical exchange, she has given lectures at various institutions, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2014, she held a zheng recital at Carnegie Hall.
Zhou Wang has served as judge and chairperson for many national and international competitions: the Golden Bell Award, Mandarin Award, Central China Television, National Chinese Instrument Competition, and Hong Kong International Zheng Competition. Throughout her more than 40 years of teaching she has fostered many outstanding young guzheng players, who have won prizes in major competitions around the world. Many of them maintain careers as educators, teaching the next generation of guzheng musicians.

In promoting Chinese music, Professor Zhou Wang has published recordings of many core classical repertoires, such as High Mountain and Running River, and albums featuring traditional guzheng solo works—Famous Melody of the North, Geniuses Traditional Zheng—as well as course materials for the Central Conservatory of Music. Her publication Qin Zheng Qin Ren Qin Sheng has been widely cited in Chinese musical journals.

Zhou Wang also arranges and composes traditional and contemporary zheng musical works. She arranged the Shanxi genre pieces “Huan Music,” “Lao Long Cries the Sea,” and “Ming Fei’s Resentment” (a guzheng and erhu duet). Together with Professor Zhenyu Huang, she has composed the contemporary zheng pieces “Fantasia in the West,” “Reflection,” and “Slowly Voice.”